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FEB 01, 2021

IOWArocks and New Change FX – A Data Spotlight

IOWAdata is the definitive global marketplace designed for data providers and data consumers everywhere. It provides simple, highly cost-effective access to a growing variety of market data, alternative data and reference data.

Our spotlight series takes a closer look at our data providers and what makes their data sets unique. Everyone’s needs are different that’s why we at IOWArocks are democratising the world of market data, creating an even playing field where providers and consumers can come together and drive business growth.

New Change FX (NCFX) is an award winning FX data company. Headquartered in London, they have spent the last 8 years growing their data and analytics business through the delivery of high-quality data to the FX market. NCFX’s analytics have evolved to be market leading and the company’s data is widely embedded in efficient trading processes. NCFX’s goal is to support the ambitions of global regulators in informing and improving the execution outcomes for buy-side firms trading FX, and equally for sell-side firms to assist in this process and improve their own trading experiences.

NCFX Fast facts

NCFX independently calculates and publishes over 200 million live FX Benchmarks every day. The world’s only source of streaming live, officially regulated Benchmarks for FX.

NCFX Benchmarks are available for Spot, Forward, Outright and Cryptocurrencies over thousands of different currency pairs and standard forward tenors.

Our highly granular Benchmark rates can be consumed in live or historic formats and are used to determine the outcomes of real FX transactions every day.

NCFX produces granular Benchmarks and other midrates every 50 milliseconds in Spot FX (20 times a second) and every second in Forward FX.

In total NCFX produces 1.5+ bln midrates combined between our Benchmark series for Forwards, Spot and other currency pairs, Forward tenors etc. and Cryptocurrencies.

All data points, Benchmarks and other midrates are sourced and aggregated from multiple primary market trading venues and exchanges, globally.

NCFX Benchmarks provide a true market reflection of the real exchange rate between two currencies at any moment in time which enables our clients to objectively assess and measure the quality of their FX execution or provision.

NCFX is regulated by the FCA and ESMA as a Benchmark Administrator which means that NCFX’s processes are checked and monitored by regulators. NCFX is the only regulated Benchmark provider of Live FX data in the global market today.

NCFX serve all client sectors from central banks to professional retail traders

NCFX pricing is very competitive due to our uniquely independent nature.

Check out New Change FX in the IOWArocks data marketplace now.


Shining a light on the true costs of trading foreign exchange.

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