Jørn (Luffe) Sodborg, Director, Head of e-trading and distribution at JYSKE MARKETS says: “We are excited to have chosen New Change FX (NCFX) as our provider of Independent, ESMA regulated FX Data to be used by our in-house analytical team.  It provides us with the ability to objectively measure our FX flows against a regulated set of data that is independent of our own stream of FX liquidity.  This allows us to accurately assess both the quality of the FX liquidity we take into JYSKE MARKETS and also ensure the quality of the FX liquidity we provide to our many clients.  The NCFX rate ensures that JYSKE MARKETS adheres to current European regulation and it makes certain that our clients get the best possible service, something of which we at JYSKE BANK always champion.”

Andy Woolmer, CEO New Change FX says; “At New Change FX we are very pleased that JYSKE MARKETS have chosen NCFX as a partner in their FX business. The Nordic FX market as a whole is very important for NCFX as it has always been very progressive with regard to the adoption of new ideas.  Within JYSKE MARKETS we can see a real desire to provide clients with a high quality, benchmarked service that provides clients with full transparency of their service.  This decision to allow the JYSKE service to be independently measured speaks volumes about the confidence JYSKE have in their service.”

For further information, please contact Tom Nielsen, Senior Consultant