According to the JP Morgan e-Trading Trends for 2018 survey, over 50% of the bank’s institutional trading clients (a sample of 400 participants) main concerns for 2018 are to do with Price Transparency or Regulatory Reporting.  The issue of achieving regulatory compliance is clearly a big one, but the task isn’t so tough – provided you don’t ask your bank or broker to do it for you.  All you need is:

  • Independent, aggregated, registered FX data.  Without independent data you aren’t measuring anything.  NCFX data is registered under the EU Benchmark Regime and benefits from independent oversight, unlike any data you get from your bank, broker or affiliated TCA provider.  NCFX data IS the rate.
  • A TCA process that delivers the level of complexity you require.  This can range from simple analysis through to complex decay curves, measures of leakage, signalling risk, etc.
  • A simple reporting tool that automates the RTS28 requirement and links that output to your website.
  • Full automation of the above steps.  No human touches, no mistakes.

NCFX provide this complete service, and for clients simply looking to take away the RTS28 reporting issue, at a very low cost.  We are independent TCA providers, uniquely able to supply you with FX TCA measured against a registered spot FX benchmark.  We are the ONLY provider of FX TCA to calculate an FX price for its TCA – a unique advantage for our clients.

Don’t pay more for less.