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NCFX Forwards365™and Basis365™ Revolutionizing pric...
NCFX Forwards365™ and NCFX Basis365™ - Revolutionizing price discovery in the FX swaps markets for buy- and sell side market participants. The revolution that brought electronic trading to every cor...
MAR 28, 2024
The Banker on Settling FX in a T+1 World
Drawing on data from New Change FX, Eva Szalay writes in The Banker about the impacts of the move by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to require T+1 day instead of T+2 days for settlement of ...
AUG 29, 2023
E-Forex: Why you need Independent Data to Differenti...
When measuring in FX, an Independent Benchmark makes all the difference. The emergence of independent mid-rates has made price opacity optional. To paraphrase Gibson, a fair and efficient FX market is...
SEP 14, 2021
Brokerage Services Using NCFX Data – Why is it diffe...
Differentiated Brokerage Services Using NCFX Data New Change FX (NCFX) is a data vendor, producing the world’s only live, streaming Foreign Exchange benchmarks. NCFX is regulated by the FCA as a Bench...
DEC 16, 2020
The Unit Cost of Volatility
One of the challenges market participants face when analysing their FX transaction costs is how to compare results across different currency pairs and volatility regimes. A given spread for 1 million ...
JUN 05, 2020
Paying too much for FX?
New Change FX conduct a good number of research pieces for asset owners and asset consultants every year. We conduct Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) on data submitted by asset managers in order to ass...
MAY 29, 2018

Shining a light on the true costs of trading foreign exchange.

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